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MonoMyth Workshops Short Plays for Sammamish Leads.

MonoMyth Theatre is excited to announce our participation in Sammamish Leads 2017!

Sammamish Leads is open to all students entering grades 9-12 at Sammamish High School, Interlake High School and Big Picture. Leads is a summer program at Sammamish High School that aims to prepare students for college and careers with an emphasis on STEM professions and 21st century skills. This seven-day intensive program provides opportunities for students to engage in problem-based learning alongside teachers and industry professionals.

Students will work with the members of MonoMyth Theatre to write, direct, act, stage, and produce a short play. Groups of students will be given the challenge of using a Prompt , Line, and Character. The rest is up to their imagination! With no prior theater experience needed it is a great way to help foster interest in the arts in younger generations.

We worked with kids from diverse backgrounds, some of which might never have had an opportunity to express their unique voices through theatre.

Day 1 - A tour of Sammamish's state-of-the-art theatre was led by Charlie and Cathy Herzog. Students also chose their writing prompts.


Day 2 and 3 - Writing workshop led by Sean Dagiwa and Britt Hobson.


Day 4 - Acting and Directing workshop led by Sean Dagiwa


Day 5 - Students begin blocking their short plays.


Day 6 - Students present their plays for faculty and parents.

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