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MonoMyth Welcomes Ian Stewart!

Please meet our fantastic Director for In Short Order!​

Ian Stewart loves new works with a strong and singular voice. He was attracted to this project because it uses a genre of extremes (horror) and seeks to find the life, nuance, and even comedy within fear. He is passionate about working with genres of extremes -- especially horror and camp. To him, these genres are uniquely capable of representing how it feels to live in this country in 2017. He also likes stories meant to provoke strong reactions in audience members.

"That's what I want my work to do. Provoke emotion, provoke thought, provoke change."

Ian writes and directs plays in Seattle. He is also a staff member of Book-It Repertory Theatre. Recent credits include: Director: New Works Festival: Family (Fantastic.Z), Wait Until Dark (Edmonds Driftwood Players), disappearer (Oregon Contemporary Theatre), Oh, the Humanatee! (UO), and Horrors of Spider Island (UO). Assistant Director: The Brothers K (Book-It).

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